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I am kind of slow to reply to people, but I always read comments and appreciate everything!

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  Hello. I feel really weird typing this and publicly reaching out for help on an issue since I'm so used to trying to work through things in private or on my own, but after a lot of thought felt I should reach out for help.


                Recently I've been undergoing medical problem after medical problem. Most recently I had to make a trip to the ER after a sudden and extreme loss of my hearing as well as severe bronchitis that had me literally suffocating at some points. I had go to the ER and as you probably know they do not come cheap. I have a part time job but because I'm a student and work only weekends with minimum wage I cannot pay back the bill. My parents are willing to help me, however the money for the ER is going to cut into our money for food and with the holidays coming up that makes this all the more stressful.


                Originally I advertised a post about my shop having a sale in hopes that I wouldn't have to explain my medical problems, but it's been pretty untouched. I stated in it that I wanted help to be able to afford gifts for my family which is absolutely true since right now I can't, but I was also hoping on money to help me pay my hospital bill. However since that advertisement more problems have popped up. The medication the hospital had me on did help my breathing and my hearing to gradually (and mostly) return, but in turn it and stress have affected my stomach lining and I've developed a very painful ulcer. I think I'm going to need to buy more medication in addition to everything else.


                While I still hope I can afford to get something for my family right now my main goal is to be able to help pay back my medical bills and pay for medication for my stomach problems.


                Even if you can't buy anything if you could just spread the word I would really appreciate it because then I might be able to get the help I need. Right now I only work enough hours to buy a minimal amount of food per week. Normally I sell at one convention per season as well, but the next one is next month and the money from the last has already been spent on business expenses, gas, and food. I would not be making this post if I wasn't so desperate and afraid of my family being unable to financially get through the next month.  Thank you for reading and your understanding.

My main commission page with more examples is here

I also have a storenvy with mostly fnadom related art here

My email and paypal is

My art tumblr where you can find more examples of things I've done is here

Under the cut are more details on commission info if you would rather just check this out than go to my web page. Thank you so much to everyone who shares this post!


Simple Commission

Full- $10 (+7 per extra character)

Bust- $6 (+5 per extra character)

Characters with Simple Background

$20-25 - full (+$15 per extra character) 
$15 - bust (+$10 per extra character)

Detailed Characters and Backgrounds

$40-$50 (+$20 per character)

Comic Pages 


Turn Sheets/Character Reference Sheets

$30-$40 (depends on detail) (+$25 Per extra clothing reference)

(These Examples were made in class recently for my 3D modeling. What you will receive will be much more clean and polished than the current turn sheet examples)

What I am willing to draw:

  • Humans
  • Animals
  • Anthros
  • Monsters
  • Surrealism
  • Mechas and Robots
  • Object Heads
  • Horror/Spooky Things
  • Cute Stuff
  • Gore and Body Horror
  • Comical Things
  • Fandom Art
  • Pretty much whatever and if it's something I haven't done before I use it to test my skills

Not Willing to Draw:

  • Anything that promotes hate speech of any kind
  • NSFW or Kink Art (Sorry! I know lots of people like this but I feel really uncomfortable with this stuff... ): )

I am also willing to work on projects for people who need a 2D artist. However that would go into hourly work. If you are interested we can discuss that over email!

Thank you again for at least looking over my info and spreading the word. I'm hoping that this will at least be able to help me somewhat with my medical problems. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!

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Hey! Wanted to let you know that Deatx and I got your lovely buttons today! They turned out great and your little note made it perfect. XD Thank you so much! We wore them the entire day playing Silent Hill. XD

Oh, and I was wondering if that TECD print was going to be put on sale again. I missed my chance in getting it. ;w;
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Omg, I was looking at your new web cam and I feel like Will next to the web cam belongs in there somewhere. XDDD
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